Did you know?... Americans collectively eat one hundred pounds of chocolate every second.
4-30-2007Boris Yeltsin Refrigerator Magnet
3-6-2007Possible Winning Mega Millions Ticket
7-24-2006Sumo Lounge Omni and Otto
7-14-2006Henry Rollins CD and Book
5-10-2006Fugly Tshirts
4-28-2006Spanish version of the National Anthem
4-24-2006Napoleon Dynamite Talking Keychain
4-19-2006Lewis Black - The Carnegie Hall Performance
4-14-2006They Call Me Bruce
4-7-2006Bad Santa DVD
2-24-2006Super Mario Sunshine
1-27-2006The Great Pron Hunt of 2006
12-1-2004Boatlads Of C.R.A.P.
11-1-2004Harlan's Superman Halloween Costume
10-24-2005Perfect 10 Hat
10-17-2005Model A-Team Van
6-6-2005Carlos Mencia DVDs
12-20-2004Dennis Murphy Christmas CD
12-18-2004Sizzle Beach USA
12-16-2004Teenage Catgirls In Heat
12-14-2004Blood Sucking Freaks DVD
12-12-2004Holden Magroin
12-10-2004Beavis And Butthead Book
12-9-2004Fugly Gelt
12-8-2004Fugly Dreidel
12-7-2004I'm Getting Nothing For Christmas Tshirt
11-17-2004Tromeo And Juliet
11-8-2004Livestrong Bands
10-25-2004Photoblocker Ipod
10-18-2004Cash John Stewart America And Halloween
8-31-2004Fugly Obey Tshirt
8-23-2004Free Ipods
8-9-2004Pot Leaf Hat
8-6-2004Bettie Page Poster
8-3-2004Gaston Glock's Model 17 9mm Parabellum Pistol
7-31-2004Happy Face Hookah
7-28-2004The First Playboy Magazine Ever
7-23-2004Genuine Saddam Hussein Butane Lighter
2-19-2003Richard Pryor Album
2-12-2003Concrete Lawn Jockey
2-5-2003African Songs CD
12-11-2002Pop Check DNA Test
12-4-2002Win A Date With Dwaine
11-20-2002Hello Kitty Vibrator
11-13-2002The Bushmaster XM15 E2S M4 A3
11-6-2002Velvet Elvis
1-2-2002Gregory Peck Porkchop Hill
10-19-2001Anthrax Tshirt
9-7-2001Prosthetic Leg
8-31-2001Taxi Lunch Box
8-3-2001Double Date
6-11-2001Timothy McVeigh Syringe
5-11-2001Urine Specimine Bottles
5-9-2001Black Panthers Book
5-4-2001Hitler Youth Pin
5-2-2001Feminine Powders
4-30-2001Night Cap Headgear
4-20-200194 Harlequin Romance Novels
4-17-2001Hot Water Bottle
4-11-2001Toxic Avenger Part 2 DVD
4-9-2001Bathroom Reading
3-21-2001Hair Brush
3-19-2001Revelation X The Bob Apocryphon
3-16-2001Love Ewe Dolls
3-14-2001Dr. Morton Pioneer in the Use of Ether
3-7-2001Raquel Welch Wig
3-6-2001Big Bra
3-1-2001Books On Child Care
2-23-2001Brass Spitoon
2-22-2001Mask With Ball Gag
2-20-2001Queen Sized Underalls
2-16-2001Old Handcuffs
2-13-20011978 Datsun 280 ZX Hubcaps
2-12-2001Andis Vibrator
2-6-2001Distributor Cap
1-22-2001Rusty Warren Album
1-9-2001New Edition Album
1-3-2001Old Tennis Racquet
12-27-2000Rap Reiplinger Poi Dog Album
12-22-2000Safety Helmet
12-20-2000Uniden XC610 Cordless Phone
12-12-2000Pat Benatar - Get Nervous
11-30-2000Blow Up Doll
11-2-2000Bowling Ball Bag
10-12-2000Boxing Gloves
10-6-2000Al Martino Spanish Eyes Album
10-3-2000Another of Martha Felcher's Bowling Trophies
9-28-2000Silverado Soundtrack
9-27-2000Dust Buster
9-26-2000Sheila E Album
9-21-2000Martha's Rolling Pin
9-18-2000Dandruff Shampoo
9-13-2000Bedside Alarm Clock Radio
9-8-2000Herb Alpert Tijuana Brass Album
9-7-2000Harlan's Mother's Bathroom Scale - LouLou
9-6-2000The Jets Album
9-5-2000Harlan's Mom's Loofa
9-1-2000Martha's Bowling Trophy
8-31-2000Burt Bacharach Album
8-30-2000Harlan's Third Grade Helmet
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