Did you know?... More Americans have died in car accidents than have died in all the wars ever fought by the United States.

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High Fashion Meets The Adams FamilyThis Is A Real Building In Santiago ChileI Have Been On Hold With Comcast For Over 3 HoursMy New Security System
Snake Hitched A Ride In My Truck TodayOr Use 12 Ounced Of Gasoline And Some Wadded Up Tinfoil Which Works Even BetterWho Lives In The Ghetto Thats Under The SeaThey Reverse These On Gmc Vehicles
I Wonder What The Story Here IsSome Kid Drove This Thing To School On The Last DayThis Fountain Right Here FolksThere Is Two Headed Turtle For Sale At Petsmart
You Might Be Able To Talk This Guy Down On The PriceSo This Kind Of Thing Happens At Disney WorldGet Netfly And Never Get A Bad Game Like This Piece Of CrapTaser Me Elmo
Can Anybody Explain What Umph Love Is To MeThis Makes My Head HurtNana Nana Nana NanaThis Is The Card For All Occasions
These Guys Never Win A GameI Win At The Soft Serve Ice Cream MachineThis Is What My Dog Does To R2d2 When I Am Leave Him AloneI Saw A Mother And Her Kid Doing Some Back To School Shopping Today
My Boa Constrictor Likes To Chill With Me And Watch TvHey Look They Took A Photo Of This Bear About To Have LunchGuys Will Understand The StruggleAttention Walmart Sleepers
Perfect Timing Aquarium Wedding PhotoThis Is What Carpooling To Work Looks Like In RussiaWe Are Entering The Dog Days Of SummerAnd They Actually Showed Up
This Guy Practically Crippled These Two Kids What Were They ThinkingBeware Of Falling Rock SignI Always Keep A White Baby In My Refrigerator Just In CaseThe Future Of Electric Car Parking Lots
Cheeseburger In A CanRussian Babies Start Em YoungMatthew Prepares For His First DateHe Really Said That Too They Have It On Youtube
Things You See On VineDingo Ate My Baby MamaI Am The Champion Of Goodwill Shoppers TodayNot The Way I Used It
Today Is National Hang Your Kid Ina Tree DaySound Advice From The FutureSoap With A Prize InsideNot Even One Minute Later
I Was Camping And About To Eat This Omelette When All Of A SuddenEureka CaliforniaThis Is Far Fig NooginI Work At A School For Blind Children The Red Bar Heats Up To 475 Degrees Its Hilarious
No It Des Not This Is A Total LieWhat Would Oj DoStuff Teddy Roosevelt Would SayThis Photo Of Gaza Bombing Looks Like Hell On Earth
Arctic Monkeys Heh Heh Get ItLos Angeles Is Flooding And My Neighbor Is Having The Best TimeThis Is Obviously A Diagram Of A Toilet Seat Too By The WayThe Wheels On The Bus Go Splash Splash Splash
Meanwhile At CaterpillarTour De France WhackoThey Used So Much Oil And Wd40 For This It Was InsaneAll The Collars Pop Themselves Here Too
on Thursday
You's be rite Greeni
e, dat's da troof.
on Wednesday
Dats Ray Sis

on Wednesday
This is intended for all
the worthless bovines sco
oting around on their ras
on Monday
Were all glad they got he
r appendix out in time. T
hat could have been dange
on Monday
on Monday
TLE GIRL.... just a simp
le case of stage fright..
on Monday
I think it was a for real
shot. Watch his wrist a
ction, just before he r
on Monday
No doubt about it.. He i
s damm good...........
on Monday
Would be nice if the danc
ers at the strip club put
out that much energy in
on Monday
I guess my other comment
got deleted.. so I'
ll say it again.... Nutt
on Monday
Yea, betja he slept for a
whole day after that wor
on Monday
I wonder if the whole tea
m got fired for that fia
on Monday
That poor sucker driving
the suv probably dumped
in his pants............
on Monday
Attsa good way to drive s
hoppers nuts....
on Monday
Now that took a lotta bra
on Monday
This video is where the c
ops got the idea to inst
itute the "Smother&q
on Monday
It IS true. With cold wat
er, the surface freezes o
ver first and insulates t
on Monday
Ah, did not notice that.
Yeah, what is a "cr
on Monday
Thanks for the lesson, bu
t my concern was the spel
ling, the pronunciation o
on Monday
I said stop it!

on Monday
Yeah, if I did that I
9;d get punched.
on Monday
0_0 what kid?

on Sunday
If we got off our asses a
nd back into a meaningful
space program, it would
on Sunday
A slur against Southern w
hites. Comes from Florida
cattle herders cracking
on Sunday
But what's a craker?

on Sunday
Nah. I never wear a thon
on Saturday
Cydonia every Saturday mo
on Saturday
ripe for picking?

on Saturday
MartyV's mom.

on Saturday
I'm not surprised.

on Saturday
Dads is bigger.

on Saturday
Just guessing, but gotta
be better than your dad&#
on Saturday
Your moms dildo holder.

7 days ago.
Try Costco

8 days ago.
well, they were using the
9 days ago.
that; or if you wanted to
make him feel just as du
mb, you could unscrew the
9 days ago.
Bone head

9 days ago.
Gulliver's travels..
9 days ago.

9 days ago.

9 days ago.
She's turned the wro
ng way..:-/
9 days ago.
That's one big fur b
9 days ago.
That's how they give
hair cuts there..:-)
9 days ago.

9 days ago.

9 days ago.
Good painting, I wonder h
ow many wrecks it has cau
9 days ago.
He's more machine th
an man..:-P
9 days ago.

9 days ago.
Oh, yes..:-)

9 days ago.
That's cute; just ca
ll her "Lucie Skywal
9 days ago.
Good thing she's wea
ring a diaper.
9 days ago.
That's good

9 days ago.
Wicked cool..:-)

9 days ago.
They're just startin
g the patty cake game, th
e pic doesn't show h
9 days ago.
She's cute

9 days ago.
I'd do her what abou
t "you"
9 days ago.
Just noticed, this "
Mail order bride" pi
c is over twice the size
9 days ago.
in fact I'd be rammi
ng her...:-)
9 days ago.
She don't need any R
.A.M for what "I&quo
t; want to do to her..:-P
9 days ago.
How do I order one? I sur
e would overinflate that
with my "TOOL".
9 days ago.
Oh my god; they over infl
ated the blow up sex doll
9 days ago.
eat her in more ways than
10 days ago.
Duuuude, what was in that
10 days ago.
No off ramp?

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