Did you know?... George Washington grew marijuana in his garden.

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on Tuesday
Poke her hot ass.

on Tuesday
That seems like a good wa
y to get shot.
on Tuesday
I wondered the same thing
.....you f*cking airbag.
on Monday
What the hell was that al
l about???
on Monday
BDSM can be good, or bad.
. depends how you look a
t it....
on Monday
That seems to be the only
way they can talk.. Can
't complete a whole
on Monday
Never thought of a "
Whopper Jr"., in t
hat way.............
on Monday
Good prank......... well
on Monday
Holy sh*t,,,, dick tracy.
on Monday
That dude should have jus
t kept on going. There w
as no way he could have s
on Monday
Watched it three times,,,
seems to me that most o
f the participants in tha
on Monday
WELL DONE.. Question is,
, did he get off at that
station or did he conti
on Monday
BUT on the other hand,,,
it was a fantastic jump.
.......... Neil da wheel
on Monday
He looks like he has a BU
ZZZZ on, on the Bixby bri
on Monday
Looks like all the Angels
in Heaven, flushed the
toilets at the same time.
on Monday
Get on the cell phone and
call her boyfriend.. ha
ha ha..
on Monday
That's what you get
when you park in New York
City. ha ha ha ha......
on Monday
This guy is a good showma
on Monday
One man,,,,, four dummies
.... Well thought out,,
Excellent construction..
on Monday
I own a self propelled sn
ow blower with a 36"
scoop.. I would love to
on Monday
How many people got off o
f that train... One car,
,, 8567 people ??????? A
on Monday
Some people conformed to
the painted circle.. Som
e didn't... Goes to
on Monday

on Monday
those pups sure beat the
hell outta that cat.
on Monday
He is one hell of a swimm
er.. Wish I was that goo
on Friday
That b*tch aint posin in
front of some cheese, she
's on top of the dam
7 days ago.
Rejected meat goes in the
7 days ago.
Lard ho!

7 days ago.
Again! Lard is over there
8 days ago.
I thought they came cooke
8 days ago.
The Human Barbie wants to
appear worldly.
8 days ago.
the tub of lard goes at t
he other end of the isle.
8 days ago.
the hell is that? graboid
9 days ago.
Hey, JimBob, can we get u
s some fried cheese? You
da best, brother-hubby.
10 days ago.
probably on their way to
2 weeks ago.
one watches snatches the
other snatches watches
3 weeks ago.
It's like babies; yo
u see them in shopping tr
olleys, but you never see
3 weeks ago.
Definitely a gorilla, but
I was referring to the c
3 weeks ago.

3 weeks ago.

3 weeks ago.
And they still would not
give him an upgrade to fi
rst class.
3 weeks ago.

3 weeks ago.
Laura Prepon? YOWZA!

3 weeks ago.
Looks like Mr. Bean.

3 weeks ago.
Seriously. Poster thinks
this is a tiger?!?!? WTF?
3 weeks ago.
Ahhhhh, he's gonna h
ave fun on the honeymoon!
4 weeks ago.
brain freeze?

4 weeks ago.
greaaaaat, microsoft traf
fic lights
4 weeks ago.
She looks pretty good for
her age. You can see he
r bosoms in a movie calle
4 weeks ago.
Does the Joker realize he
's actually sitting
next to Batman?
4 weeks ago.
show off... I bet it'
;s not even a schwinn...
4 weeks ago.
...Or can afford two sets
of armor.
4 weeks ago.
Unfortunately, Molly Ring
wald ain't that hot
4 weeks ago.

4 weeks ago.
except they will murder y
ou and cut your head off
if you don't convert
4 weeks ago.
Jim Koch? Is that you?

4 weeks ago.
yup, the albums they put
out are horse crap
4 weeks ago.

4 weeks ago.
Good stuff it you line ea
r wax flavored skunk p*ss
4 weeks ago.
Kim sure as hell isn'
4 weeks ago.
I don't even think t
hat he is so smart as a B
onobos Monkey.
4 weeks ago.
But Kanye is not a domina
nt male, he just thinks h
e is.
4 weeks ago.
Yeah. Good.

4 weeks ago.
Thanks, professor.

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