Did you know?... The average American consumes 9 pounds of food additives every year.

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This Is In Colorado This MorningThese Things Are Called Coconut CrabsWait For It Waaaait For ItYield To The Teeth
Tonight Were Gonna Party Like Its 1992This Is Actually A CakeThis Poor GuyTwo Scoops
This Place Is SoThis Guy Learned Something Very Important This MorningWhat Is Wrong With Bruno MarsYou Know Its Spring When
Take A Sofabed To The BeachFear NothingJeeze Wikipedia Thats A Little HarshI Just Realized This
I Know Exactly How This Machine Is FeelingShe Is From The Unated StatedSome Selfies Tell More Than You WantStop Molesting My Plant
Keep On TruckingAny Takers For CougarfestMy Dog Does Not Mind Being BuriedMeanwhile In Britian
Found In A College BathroomThe Airplane Window Was Falling Out TodayCat Fire SelfieOh Hai Deer
Llama Only Has Eyes For YouBatman In A Prom DressRebels Shark BaitIn 1918 Popped Collars Were Cool Too
I Certainly Know I HaveDrink All The CoffeeCaptain ObviousLet Them Eat Cake Pops
Saw A Baby Whale TodayFred Flintstone Weight BenchDerp Derp Kitties50 Cent Is Huge In Zimbabwe
Now Here Is A Good QuestionMy Girlfriend Moved As I Took A PanoramaSay Cheese Prom PartyIts A Trailer Park
Biker BakerThe Last Claw Machine PrizeParenting With A PoolSomehow I Think They Are Rying
Leg Day Never Looked So GoodAnother Good Guy CopSquirrel NoooooRise Of The Candy Machines
Help A Brother Out UspsThe Late 19th Century Was A Crazy TimeSanta Is Real AfterallThe First Mobile Phones
Mangolia Just Dont CareThe Sherrif From TronChicken Nuggets Are HatchingFrench Chicks
Get Back In The KitchenThe Xmen In Real LifeHow You Know She Is A KeeperIm Moving To Norway
on Wednesday
Rejected meat goes in the
on Wednesday
Lard ho!

on Tuesday
Again! Lard is over there
on Tuesday
I thought they came cooke
on Tuesday
The Human Barbie wants to
appear worldly.
on Monday
the tub of lard goes at t
he other end of the isle.
on Monday
the hell is that? graboid
on Monday
Hey, JimBob, can we get u
s some fried cheese? You
da best, brother-hubby.
on Sunday
probably on their way to
13 days ago.
one watches snatches the
other snatches watches
2 weeks ago.
It's like babies; yo
u see them in shopping tr
olleys, but you never see
2 weeks ago.
Definitely a gorilla, but
I was referring to the c
2 weeks ago.

2 weeks ago.

2 weeks ago.
And they still would not
give him an upgrade to fi
rst class.
2 weeks ago.

2 weeks ago.
Laura Prepon? YOWZA!

2 weeks ago.
Looks like Mr. Bean.

3 weeks ago.
Seriously. Poster thinks
this is a tiger?!?!? WTF?
3 weeks ago.
Ahhhhh, he's gonna h
ave fun on the honeymoon!
3 weeks ago.
brain freeze?

3 weeks ago.
greaaaaat, microsoft traf
fic lights
3 weeks ago.
She looks pretty good for
her age. You can see he
r bosoms in a movie calle
3 weeks ago.
Does the Joker realize he
's actually sitting
next to Batman?
3 weeks ago.
show off... I bet it'
;s not even a schwinn...
3 weeks ago.
...Or can afford two sets
of armor.
3 weeks ago.
Unfortunately, Molly Ring
wald ain't that hot
3 weeks ago.

3 weeks ago.
except they will murder y
ou and cut your head off
if you don't convert
3 weeks ago.
Jim Koch? Is that you?

4 weeks ago.
yup, the albums they put
out are horse crap
4 weeks ago.

4 weeks ago.
Good stuff it you line ea
r wax flavored skunk p*ss
4 weeks ago.
Kim sure as hell isn'
4 weeks ago.
I don't even think t
hat he is so smart as a B
onobos Monkey.
4 weeks ago.
But Kanye is not a domina
nt male, he just thinks h
e is.
4 weeks ago.
Yeah. Good.

4 weeks ago.
Thanks, professor.

4 weeks ago.

back in March
It's "Paddy&quo
t;, not Patty. And it�
39;s wrong in any event-
back in March
He didn't choose the
Pug life. It chose him.
back in March
I'd bone that!

back in March

back in March

back in March
1,103 views, zero comment
s. I'm guessing t
hat everybody is just afr
back in March
Heh he had to be trolling

back in March
Nutella tastes like sh*t.
I wish people would
get over this stupid mem
back in March
I'd print a stack of
these... if I had ever o
nce seen somebody ever do
back in March
Too true. Word.

back in March
Umm...that should be Star
Wars Mitsubishi. The dr
oid looks similar to an R
back in March
7 Billion people in the w
orld. 19 TRILLION li
kes. 18 trillion, 993
back in March
It isn't even scary

back in March
I call bullsh*t.

back in March
If C)75%, you can't
be wrong, right?
back in March
I told you we could'
ve gone around!
back in March
I think we've been h
back in March
flappy bird id wrong answ
er. the correct answer is
back in March
Looks like a slug.

back in March
Lol! A journalist actuall
y expected Barry to have
a plan!!!
back in March
try Aliens...

back in March
holy crap a breech baby!!

back in March
Looks like someone gave h
im a Hitler mustache whil
e he was catching a nap.
back in March

back in February
So what was that little h
issy fit you threw when y
ou weren't nominated
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