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Pretty Accurate DescriptionEveryone Is Fleeing OttawaTunnelbear Leaves You Feeling Guilty For UninstallingDriftwood Lion Sculpture
I Found A Candy Coated Cigarette Butt In My CandySaved By The HillI Would React The Same WayAs A Single Dad This Halloween I Can Relate To This
So I Hooked Up With A Blind Woman Last NightShittles Taste The RainbowI Go To This Particular Liquor Store Because Of This Dog And Also To Quell The ShakesOk I Admit It
Half And Half In DetroitGreat Choice Of Tshirts For Your Flight There Mr GeniusInsert Lame Back To The Future Trailer Joke HereDamaged Goods
Wreck It RalphVision TestI Have Ocd And I Also Like SkittlesCool Black Kids Needed
This Is In The Bathroom At My Rehabilitation CenterParis France Ladies And GentlemenMy Dog Is Afraid Of The RoombaI Noticed This After I Got To Work
We Found Six Bodies In This Room After The FireOr Just Pick Up A Book Once In A WhileNext Stop The Emergency RoomBiggest Hits Costume
This Used To Make Me Laugh Bit It Has Lost SomethingLet It Gooooo Let It GoooooSlaying Thebabes In A 1987 Chevy CavalierThis Guy Is On My Flight This Morning
There Are Plenty Of Large And Extra Large Ish In The SeaIm On A BoatTips On Love From ComediansOr They Can Just Not Pee Their Pants
All The Black Gerbils Are DeadWell Its About TimeMan Are Actually The Romantic OnesAge Is Just A Number
The Internet Has Ruined MeThe Dyslexia Is Staying Strong HereMy Last Hope For A Hot BodySteve Jobs Knew This
The Bottom Of The Mirror Is Glass Which Is Confusing But This Guy Still Goes To A Hairdresser SoSo There Is A Blackberry Nailed To A Tree On My StreetYou Should Give It Back ThenThis Old Car Is Painted With Pennies
You Are As Young As You FeelA Lot Of People Hate KidsThey Met When They Were Neigh BorsTotal Body Condom
How Many Potatos Does It Take To Starve An IrishmanMy Best Friend Hurt His FootI Am An Alcoholic Who Quit Drinking And Started Working Out 6 Months AgoVirgin Intergalactic Spastic
Your Town FridayWhen Your Friend Sends You A PackageNot Here AlexanderQuite A Conundrum
The Person Who Immortalized This Exact Moment Deserves A Pulitzer PrizeSo In Conclusion Why Dont You Go AndIts Going Down NowI Love Baby Seals Hey Wait A Minute
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