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on Wednesday
Whoa whats wrong dude? Yo
ur cuzband's not pla
ying with your pu**y toda
on Wednesday
And where the hell is my
on Wednesday
I don't know where y
ou went but you didn'
;t come back any smarter.
on Monday
Polyphemus moth (Antherae
a polyphemus)
on Sunday
That's standard posi
tion for playing left-han
on Sunday
Jimi Hendrix played his g
uitar upside down.
on Thursday
I lived in Michigan for 2
7 years. Save for the la
ck of jobs, there is no p
6 days ago.
Aw come on dude, can'
;t be any worse off than
f*cking Michigan!
6 days ago.
6 days ago.
What the fark are these t
7 days ago.

7 days ago.
I had no idea we were nei
ghbors...where abouts?
7 days ago.
Looks like a pill popper&
#039;s nightmare.
7 days ago.
Start filling it

9 days ago.
And l'm no longer in
Michigan. I live in you
r neighborhood now.
9 days ago.
Neil, see the LINK and EM
BED codes above the comme
nts. Click on the LINK o
9 days ago.
Just a poke, a jab...

9 days ago.
Awwwwwww yeeeeeeeea dawg!
!!! This is f*cking hilar
ious! Black people kill e
9 days ago.
Not cool, Greenie.

9 days ago.
Really Cyds? Yall were cl
ose or what? Did you pour
some of your 40 out for
10 days ago.
We miss you terribly, Rob
10 days ago.
Having a hairy nipple in
your ear? I would guess s
11 days ago.
You can't prove noth
11 days ago.
You`re definitely a suspe
ct in something....and l
don't believe it`s a
11 days ago.
11 days ago.
I suspect you're an
11 days ago.
I suspect you know a lot
about chin rests.
11 days ago.
I've been to concert
s like that. Mostly back
in the '80's.
11 days ago.
Since when does a cello h
ave a chin rest?
12 days ago.
So have the damn crooks.

12 days ago.
How, in the name of all t
hat is funny, do the writ
ers at viz keep coming up
13 days ago.
Dude, you really tore up
her carpet last night...
13 days ago.
Who cares, Do them both

14 days ago.
Left your cousin for your
14 days ago.
Cat: "l'm gonn
a sh*t in his water dish.
2 weeks ago.
Milk Duds!!

2 weeks ago.
Obviously white lightning
is still the biggest thr
ill of all...
2 weeks ago.
uhh, ugh... I think there
's 34, not counting
the lips... ugh... gettin
2 weeks ago.
I am basing this on what
i hear on Fox Radio. I l
isten to Brian Kilmeade i
2 weeks ago.
Is it sarcasm that you ar
e trying to speak and thi
nk for conservatives...ty
2 weeks ago.
Yes, they are.

2 weeks ago.
Not looking? With his ton
gue out? Doubt it.
3 weeks ago.
uh, worry about who wrote
that, lol, it wernt her.
3 weeks ago.
A Fruity Pebbles-colored
urine pit.
3 weeks ago.
Not from Marty the Moron.

3 weeks ago.
These days, I think that
even the most hardcore co
nservatives are embarrass
3 weeks ago.
Looks like taco.

3 weeks ago.
Those ignorant fools actu
ally believed me when I t
old them I was born in Ha
3 weeks ago.
tastes like cheecken...

3 weeks ago.
smells like feesh...

3 weeks ago.
How much Data? How many D
3 weeks ago.
'Data' is plura
l. 'Datum' is s
3 weeks ago.
Ebola in a convenient to-
go bag.
3 weeks ago.
Kleven, Ukrain

3 weeks ago.
WHERE IS IT??????????????
3 weeks ago.
I don't care

4 weeks ago.
I just turn on the frigge
n light
4 weeks ago.
Very interesting... Can
we get to see the interio
r room setup???????
4 weeks ago.
Come-on,, that's as
fake as a three dollar bi
4 weeks ago.
Who's going to steal
a tree?
4 weeks ago.
Intelligence is the bedro
ck of all progress....Wha
t's on your mind ton
4 weeks ago.
There you go again you li
4 weeks ago.
Two words...Knee Grow

4 weeks ago.
Two stone age guys wonder
ing what to do, who just
said dude: lets build a h
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