Did you know?... A Giraffe has the same number of bones in its neck as a man.
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85372329 - Dumb Flash

I... I have no idea why this is even here. I apologize.

File: 85372329.swf

Stfu - Funny Flash

I think we can all relate to this one.

File: STFU.swf

Help Her Dress - Game Flash

Judging by the amount of hair on her legs... I'm guessing this is French.

File: Help_Her_Dress.swf

Back To The Future - Soundboard Flash

The Back to the Future sound-board.

File: Back_To_The_Future.swf

Norman Bates Soundboard - Soundboard Flash

Norman Bates Soundboard.

File: Norman_Bates_soundboard.swf

Monkey Fighter - Game Flash

Monkey Fighter. And no, it's not a cop game.

File: Monkey_Fighter.swf

353547774 - Weird Flash

Hey, looking for a fun way to induce a seizure?

File: 353547774.swf

Alec Baldin Soundboard - Soundboard Flash

This is the sound-board I use when I beat my wife.

File: Alec_Baldin_soundboard.swf

Sex Organ - Dumb Flash

Sex organ. Get it?

File: sex-organ.swf

Stick Fighter5 - Funny Flash

MORE stick fighter.

File: stick_fighter5.swf
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