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Loomis - Soundboard Flash

Dr. Loomis.

File: loomis.swf

Ridiculously Long Karate Animation - Funny Flash

The name says it all. Oh, and: if it weren't for the moustache, I'd swear the old guy was a chick.

File: ridiculously-long-karate-animation.swf

Kaboom - Game Flash


File: kaboom.swf

Lil John Sound Board - Soundboard Flash

Okay! Yeah! What?! That about covers it.

File: lil_john_sound-board.swf

Howard Dean - Funny Flash

Worth it just to see Howard Dean reinvented as a deranged muppet.

File: howard_dean.swf

Jwayne - Soundboard Flash

John Wayne soundboard.

File: jwayne.swf

Pie Osama - Game Flash

"Why do you put this pie jihad on me?" Best like from a flash game ever.

File: pie_osama.swf

Masturate Song - Dumb Flash

Masturbate song. What else?

File: masturate-song.swf

Hexxagon - Game Flash

Crazy addictive othello game.

File: hexxagon.swf

Ganja Farm - Game Flash

Ganja farm. Whatever.

File: ganja_farm.swf
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