Did you know?... Medical research has found substances in mistletoe that can slow down tumor growth.
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Badgers - Weird Flash

I'm sure we've all seen this before, but it's just as freaky as it was the first time.

File: badgers.swf

Avoid The Bugs - Game Flash

Um, okay. Avoid the bugs, I guess.

File: avoid-the-bugs.swf

Beer Warning - Funny Flash

Beer is good for you!

File: beer-warning.swf

Blue Man Group - Weird Flash

What the hell is this? Who makes this stuff? Where do they live?

File: blue-man-group.swf

Bubblewrap - Dumb Flash

I'm positive this has been on here before, but everyone loves bubble wrap!

File: bubblewrap.swf

Candy War - Weird Flash

Weird and interesting, if you don't mind waiting eight thousand years for it to load. Instant gratification, people!

File: candy_war.swf

Hypnosis - Weird Flash

Arrrgh. I HATE stuff like this.

File: hypnosis.swf

Ebonics Lessons - Dumb Flash

This is worth it because whoever wrote this didn't realize that, if you want to badmouth ebonics, you probably ought to have a firm grasp on things like spelling and grammar first.

File: ebonics_lessons.swf

Alcohol - Funny Flash

So true. All of it.

File: alcohol.swf

Shrek Belch Game - Game Flash

These are the toys we give our children. I weep for the future.

File: Shrek_Belch_Game.swf
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