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Shoooooooootooto9933 - Game Flash

Combat Heaven. A really good shoot-em-up game.

File: shoooooooootooto9933.swf

Mr Stabby - Gross Flash

It's all the rage with the kids these days.

File: mr_stabby.swf

Newscaster Farts - Funny Flash

A Swedish newscaster cuts the cheese on live TV and then... laughs her head off about it.

File: newscaster_farts.swf

Bohemian Rapsody - Weird Flash

Freddy Mercury is probably rolling over in his big gay grave right now.

File: Bohemian_Rapsody.swf

Bednn9gj - Funny Flash

Stop drop and roll.

File: BEdnn9gj.swf

Navy Game - Game Flash

I think the US Navy acutally put this out to show kids how much of a good time it is to blow stuff up and guess what... they were RIGHT!

File: Navy_Game.swf

6dbj8j0v - Game Flash

Now this is a good one. Remember the hand-slap game you played as a kid? Well now you can play it as an adult, without the sore hands.

File: 6Dbj8J0v.swf

Gravity Launch - Game Flash

Behold! The game that wasted 7.5 hours of my life last night!

File: Gravity_Launch.swf

Nn9e7jtv - Weird Flash

I've never seen Dragonball-Z and, after watching this, I don't think I want to.

File: Nn9e7JTV.swf

Red Button - Funny Flash

How can you resist? YOU CAN'T!

File: red_button.swf
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