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Alian Attakk - Game Flash

Shoot aliens, Windows 3.1 Flight Simulator-style.

File: alian-attakk.swf

Culkin - Soundboard Flash

What the hell? Who decided we needed these?

File: culkin.swf

Simgirl - Game Flash

One of those Japanese-style dating sims. I assume that when you win the game, you get some choppy hentai. Hooray!

File: SIMgirl.swf

Cruise - Soundboard Flash

Because your life wasn't complete without a Tom Cruise soundboard. Unfortunately, it doesn't include "I LOVE THIS WOMAN" and "MAGNIFICENT" and "TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER."

File: cruise.swf

909850026 - Funny Flash

Gotta love those big black guys named Ben. I know I do.

File: 909850026.swf

903141729 - Cool Flash

Matrix-style pingpong. Or is that Hong Kong-style? I don't know.

File: 903141729.swf

Iq Test - Game Flash

A very VERY simple IQ test.

File: IQ_test.swf

Mr T Soundboard - Soundboard Flash

Let the prank calls begin.

File: Mr_T_soundboard.swf

Chris Farley Soundboard - Soundboard Flash

The late, great Chris Farley sound-board.

File: Chris_Farley_soundboard.swf

Ray Harryhausen - Funny Flash

A tribute to the great Ray Harryhausen, one of the greatest stop-motion animators creating fantastic films that have wowed audiences since he began his work.

File: Ray_Harryhausen.swf
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