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Hung - Dumb Flash

A little after the fact, but amusing for at least three or four seconds.

File: hung.swf

Exploding Balls - Game Flash

Billiards for people with short attention spans.

File: exploding-balls.swf

Mind Your Beer - Game Flash

Yet another "hold the drunk guy up" game. It's worth it just for the big flashing "18 Stone of Idiot" sign in the background.

File: Mind_Your_Beer.swf

Island Hop - Game Flash

It's FROGGER! No.. wait.

File: island_hop.swf

Ninja Skillz - Game Flash

Girls only like guys with great skills. Bow-hunting skills. Nun-chuck skills... NINJA SKILLS!!

File: ninja_skillz.swf

Spaceride - Game Flash

See how far you can whack astronauts! I have no idea why this even exists.

File: spaceride.swf

Tetka - Weird Flash

Manipulate a woman. You know you want to.

File: tetka.swf

Pacman - Game Flash

Pac Man!

File: pacman.swf

4bgbuacu - Game Flash

Get Medevil on someone with this fun game.

File: 4BGBuACU.swf

Beermat - Game Flash

Beermat. Apparently this is a very popular game in the UK.

File: beermat.swf
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