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Slingblade2 - Soundboard Flash

I like them french fried pertaters, mm hmm.

File: slingblade2.swf

Thong Song - Gross Flash

Freaking YUCK, man.

File: thong-song.swf

This Land - Funny Flash

Yeah, yeah. We've all seen it...it's funny still though.

File: this_land.swf

Poom - Game Flash

Crazy addictive poom game.

File: poom.swf

The Singhsons - Dumb Flash

The Singhsons. Maybe you have to be Indian to get it.

File: the-singhsons.swf

Peewee - Soundboard Flash

Soundboard. Peewee. Herman.

File: peewee.swf

Suppish Dot Com - Game Flash

Point and click with a sick little sense of humor.

File: suppish-dot-com.swf

Smile - Weird Flash

Very Kafka-esque. Freaking weird, man.

File: smile.swf

Sexually Deviant Mario - Weird Flash

Who makes this stuff? Yuck.

File: sexually-deviant-mario.swf

Mrrogers - Soundboard Flash

Feels kind of wrong, making fun of kindly, sweet, dead Mr. Rogers. But here's the soundboard anyway.

File: mrrogers.swf
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