Did you know?... The Canary Islands were not named after a bird called the canary. They were named after a breed of dogs!
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Hankhill - Soundboard Flash

King of the Hill soundboard.

File: hankhill.swf

Frogger - Weird Flash

You thought this would be Frogger, didn't you? Well, it's not. It's actually a really disturbing flash movie about frogs wearing boots and strumming banjos. Emphasis on the "disturbing".

File: frogger.swf

Flash Sonic - Game Flash

Cute litte Sonic clone. The controls are sort of awkward, but it's fun anyway.

File: flash_sonic.swf

Everyone Else - Weird Flash

Um....and you wonder why.

File: everyone-else.swf

Egg Song English - Weird Flash

Creepy Korean egg song. Really freaking creepy.

File: egg-song-English.swf

Egg David Blaine - Game Flash

Because everyone, deep down, would love to pelt David Blaine with eggs.

File: egg-david-blaine.swf

Eddiemurphy - Soundboard Flash

Okay. I officially hate stupid soundboards.

File: eddiemurphy.swf

Bubbles Game - Game Flash

Like Dynomite. Not as addictive though.

File: bubbles-game.swf

Blaster - Game Flash

Possibly the game with the Worst. Production. Values. Ever.

File: blaster.swf

Beat Box - Dumb Flash

Some white dude doing beatbox. I guess.

File: beat_box.swf
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