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Stick Fighter2 - Cool Flash

Stick ass! Stick fighter 2

File: stick_fighter2.swf

Swear Machine - Soundboard Flash

Some bald dude nonsensically swearing into a phone. Funny, I guess.

File: swear-machine.swf

Paris Hilton Sex - Weird Flash

Tom Green and Paris Hilton...a match made in heaven.

File: Paris-Hilton-Sex.swf

Non Livingstons - Weird Flash

Totally worth watching. It's like Tim Burton started making flash movies.

File: non_livingstons.swf

Speedygonzalez - Funny Flash

Where are the toons now?

File: speedygonzalez.swf

Waqll Lunch - Weird Flash

The next poet laureate of America, people.

File: waqll_lunch.swf

Dude Wheres My Weed - Dumb Flash

This is amusing...I suppose.

File: Dude_Wheres_My_Weed.swf

Whiteblack - Weird Flash

White people! Eee ee eeee! Black people! Doot doot doot doot!

File: whiteblack.swf

Xombie - Weird Flash

This guy is very talented. There's something very wrong with him, but he's really talented.

File: xombie.swf

Animal Alphabet - Gross Flash

Hey Kids! Ready to be scarred for life?

File: animal-alphabet.swf
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