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Abusive Jesus - Weird Flash

Nobody f***s with the Jesus!

File: abusive-Jesus.swf

Judge Judy - Weird Flash

This is the stuff adult-onset traumas are made of.

File: Judge_judy.swf

Toby Fuse - Game Flash

Put the fuse out with your hose. Or don't. I just like how unapologetically twisted this concept is.

File: toby-fuse.swf

Super Annoying - Dumb Flash

Chekov said that if a gun appears in the first act of a play, it must be fired by the third. I say that if you see a button, you have to push it, even if there's no other discernable point to doing so and it eventually drives you insane.

File: super-annoying.swf

Slap A Ho - Dumb Flash


File: slap-a-ho.swf

Potato Potato - Weird Flash

This is going to give me nightmares about potatoes. POTATO!

File: potato-potato.swf

Runner - Game Flash

What the heck is going on here? Only in France.

File: runner.swf

Marching Saints - Game Flash

I feel so...virtuous.

File: marching-saints.swf

Magnetic War Rhetoric - Game Flash

This is great. Whip one of these out next time your girlfriend wants to fight with you - just replace "Osama" with your girlfriend's name.

File: magnetic-war-rhetoric.swf

Lame Shooter - Game Flash

The disclaimer is the best part of this crappy first-person shooter. They really think that the game is that good.

File: lame-shooter.swf
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