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Xtreme Upgrades - Funny Flash

Xtreeeeeeeeme!!! This is hilarious.

File: xtreme_upgrades.swf

81f3bcf234b3112f10c0a60cc411e021 - Game Flash

Blox Forever. This is one of the most addicting games I've ever played. This and pong.

File: 81f3bcf234b3112f10c0a60cc411e021.swf

Connect 4 - Game Flash

An oldie but a goodie. Connect Four.

File: connect_4.swf

Super Handball - Game Flash

Super Handball.

File: Super_Handball.swf

Feline Crisis - Game Flash

You return home to find that your town has been overrun by a gang of no-good pussy-cats. The only way to stop them is with your trusty bag of elastic bands.

File: feline_crisis.swf

Caray Snake - Game Flash

Use your arrow keys to move and eat as many dots as you can without eating yourself. This is harder than it looks.

File: caray_snake.swf

Alien Attack - Game Flash

Alien Attack - from Nick Peplow Productions

File: Alien_attack.swf

Little Rocketman - Game Flash

Little Rocketman!

File: Little_Rocketman.swf

Crash Down - Game Flash

Crash Down... looks an awful lot like Tetris to me.

File: Crash_down.swf

Pot Noodle - Game Flash

I wasted so much time with this game today it's almost not even funny. See how long it takes you to finish. It's not like you're working anyway.

File: Pot_Noodle.swf
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