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Mcdoobies - Funny Flash

If only there were really places like this.

File: mcdoobies.swf

Cow Curling - Game Flash

Cow curling? What the...?

File: cow_curling.swf

Madness Combat Avenger - Weird Flash

And they say violence is wanton and gratuitous these days. Cool little flash.

File: madness_Combat_Avenger.swf

Friggin Werid - Weird Flash

Whoa. I like to think that he's not a zombie but a recluse shut away hiding a dark secret. Really freaking weird.

File: friggin_werid.swf

Singing Dumbass Bass - Weird Flash

Heh. This is really gratifying.

File: Singing_Dumbass_Bass.swf

Pangea - Funny Flash

There we go. Happy little flash. That's what we need.

File: pangea.swf

Self Destructing Organisms - Weird Flash

This is really creepy. And it doesn't really make any sense. You should watch it anyway.

File: Self_Destructing_Organisms.swf

Olsen Twins 18 - Funny Flash

Hahaha. Slash! Slash! SLASH! (Cuz he's my bitch). A funny one.

File: Olsen_Twins_18.swf

Limp - Boobies Flash

You could see this as a sharply barbed satire about the inexorable juggernaut of mediocrity that is American pop culture invading and poisoning a pristine land and people. Or, you could see it as a funny little flash movie about a moose.

File: Limp.swf

Monkey Egg - Weird Flash

Hey! Want to have a really REALLY annoying song stuck in your head for the rest of the day?

File: Monkey_Egg.swf
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