Did you know?... A killer whale's heart beats 30 times a minute under water, 60 times a minute on the surface.
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Just Plain Creepy - Weird Flash

More Salad Fingers! And if possible, more gratuitously creepy than ever!

File: Just_Plain_Creepy.swf

Jump Jump - Game Flash

Considering the little cat...or whatever he is...is constantly exploding...or whatever he's doing...this game is strangely soothing.

File: Jump_Jump.swf

Rumble Ball - Game Flash

Dunno why, but this little game is kind of crazy addicting. Don't click!

File: Rumble_Ball.swf

Singin - Cool Flash

So the guy's a...bum? Who lives in some sort of tunnel? Who can breakdance? Whatever, it looks cool.

File: Singin.swf

The Professional - Game Flash

Sniper shooter. Whatever.

File: The_Professional.swf

Zombie Game - Game Flash

Shoot the Zombies before they get you.

File: Zombie_Game.swf

Storm House - Game Flash

Use the space bar to reload and your mouse to shoot. I love these kinds of games.

File: storm_house.swf

Midget Dance - Weird Flash

If this doesn't give you a seizure, I don't know what will.

File: midget_dance.swf

Shoplifter - Game Flash

The shoplifter game.

File: shoplifter.swf

Thick And Thin - Weird Flash

Through thick and thin. Man, this is gross.

File: Thick_and_thin.swf
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