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Stair Jump - Funny Flash

Stick figures getting mutillated as they try to go down a flight of stairs, all set to a cover of Operation Ivy's Unity? What more could you want? Really. Why isn't Austin McAfee the President of the United States already? Can anybody answer that one for me?

File: Stair_Jump.swf

Lui Kangs Crossover - Funny Flash

Lui Kang Crossover video game mixup. If you're into video gaming, this is really funny. If not (like me), it's really confusing.

File: Lui_Kangs_Crossover.swf

Quagmire Soundboard - Soundboard Flash

The Family Guy's Quagmire sound board.

File: Quagmire_Soundboard.swf

Fish Tales - Game Flash

You're a small fish in a big pond, but not for long with this game. Just eat anything smaller than you. Just like in real life.

File: Fish_Tales.swf

Chaos - Game Flash

Chaos. Click on the pages as they fly out of the thing and then blow up the other thing and then the... ehh. You'll see.

File: Chaos.swf

Judge Judy Again - Funny Flash

I don't care how many times I see this. It cracks me up every time.

File: judge_judy_again.swf

Too Friggin Long - Weird Flash

The filename says it all, yeah.

File: too_friggin_long.swf

Tennis Ace - Game Flash

I never understood about this. Sure, I get why you'd want to play a flight sim, or maybe war games...but if you want to play tennis, why don't you just...you know, go play tennis?

File: tennis_ace.swf

Mtmam - Funny Flash

Because everyone needs a dose of martial-arts monkey in their day.

File: MTMAM.swf

Save The World - Game Flash

Fun little point-and-click.

File: save_the_world.swf
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