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Zyrx - Game Flash

You're probably nowhere enar as smart or clever as you think you are. And your memory sucks, too.

File: zyrx.swf

G Ball - Weird Flash

Maybe you can get it to work.

File: G_Ball.swf

Negative - Weird Flash

well, that sucked. good drawings, though.

File: negative.swf

Jessica Bootie Shake - Dumb Flash

I said, godDAMN!

File: jessica_bootie_shake.swf

Puncho Puncho - Game Flash

What the hell is this? I like it.

File: Puncho_Puncho.swf

Forrest Challenge 2 - Game Flash

Crazy addictive golf sim.

File: Forrest_Challenge_2.swf

307520331 - Game Flash

"What are you to talking about?" "Football! What you talking about?" "Shopping."

File: 307520331.swf

298816937 - Dumb Flash

George Bush's desktop.

File: 298816937.swf

261914446 - Dumb Flash

This really sucks. To the dude who made this: please stop.

File: 261914446.swf

251405629 - Weird Flash

The thing is, with a few choice words removed and healthy muppets, this could be an actual PSA.

File: 251405629.swf
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