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Cosmic Defender - Game Flash

Cosmis Defender

File: cosmic-defender.swf

Bush Butthead - Dumb Flash

Bush Butthead morph.

File: bush_butthead.swf

Wild Wild West - Game Flash

It's true. I'm a very simple man, and that's why these are my favorite kind of games. Point and shoot and kill stuff. That's all anyone really wants out of life, isn't it?

File: wild-wild-west.swf

Laid Off - Dumb Flash

Hey! Do you want to see a little flash movie that was put together by some loser? The basic premise of it is to show you just how big of a loser he really is and how, because in his distorted view of the world, being an unemployed piece of crap somehow makes him “hip”, he almost seems proud of it. Hopefully by now he’s really “sticking it to the man” and living under a bridge.

File: laid_off.swf

Gun Run - Game Flash

This is a pretty fun game. Use your mouse to aim and A and D to move. The space bar makes you jump.

File: Gun_Run.swf

Pie Hard - Game Flash

Pie hard. Without a vengence.

File: Pie_Hard.swf

Late Night Shopping - Weird Flash

Late night shopping. How many times can you watch it? I made it to 71 ...then I had a little mini stroke and had to shut it off.

File: late_Night_Shopping.swf

Corro - Game Flash

Using the force of gravity, tilt the puzzle so that your ball falls and clears the stars.

File: Corro.swf

Orbox - Game Flash

Move your flashing piece in any direction, stopping it on the blocks as you try to reach the target.

File: Orbox.swf

Bikini Memory Game - Game Flash

Bikini Concentration.

File: Bikini_Memory_Game.swf
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