Did you know?... The liquid inside young coconuts can be used as a substitute for blood plasma.
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Typing Master - Game Flash

Want to see how fast you can type?

File: typing_master.swf

Duck Hunt - Game Flash

To make up for that last one, how about a game where all you do is blast away at things with a shot-gun?

File: duck_hunt.swf

Deduction - Game Flash

Are you looking for a really complicated game to drive you crazy and make you want to smash your keyboard with your fists? Well here you go!

File: deduction.swf

Pop Or Pron - Game Flash

Pop Star or Pron Star. Some times it's impossible to tell.

File: pop_or_pron.swf

Grow - Game Flash

Hit the RESET button to start playing.

File: GROW.swf

Uncross The Lines - Game Flash

See if you can un-cross the lines

File: uncross-the-lines.swf

Simpson Trivia - Game Flash

How well do you REALLY know The Simpsons?

File: Simpson_Trivia.swf

Scientology - Funny Flash

All your questions about scientology are clearly explained in this little diddy.

File: scientology.swf

Kgkiller - Game Flash

It's sick, but it's SO much fun!

File: kgkiller.swf

Monkeyspank - Game Flash

Spank your monkey.

File: monkeyspank.swf
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