Did you know?... City dwellers have longer, thicker, denser nose hairs than country folks do.
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Bananaphone - Funny Flash

Bananna Phone?

File: bananaphone.swf

Pentagon - Weird Flash

Everybody! Quick! Put on your tin-foil helmets!

File: pentagon.swf

17 Htf Tooth - Gross Flash

The Happy Tree Friends need a better dental plan

File: 17-htf_tooth.swf

Volare Karaoke - Funny Flash

I was wondering what the lyrics were!

File: volare-karaoke.swf

18 Htf Tongue - Funny Flash

More proof that cats will play with anything, from the Happy Tree Friends!

File: 18-htf_tongue.swf

08 Htf Wheelin - Funny Flash

The Happy Tree Friends show us that cheaters never win!

File: 08-htf_wheelin.swf

14 Htf Idol - Funny Flash

Remember that Brady Bunch episode where Greg found that little cursed idol?

File: 14-htf_idol.swf

19 Htf Meat - Funny Flash

I saw this Happy Tree Friends in sunday school

File: 19-htf_meat.swf

07 Htf Pitchin - Funny Flash

More intestine dropping fun with the Happy Tree Friends

File: 07-htf_pitchin.swf

25 Htf Spare - Funny Flash

Bowling with the Happy Tree Friends can actually make the game fun!

File: 25-htf_spare.swf
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