Did you know?... The Canary Islands were not named after a bird called the canary. They were named after a breed of dogs!
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Icon Story - Funny Flash

What's your computer doing while you're asleep?

File: icon_story.swf

Political Bohemianrhapsody - Funny Flash

Better late than never.

File: political_bohemianrhapsody.swf

Penguingore - Gross Flash

I think I'm swinging too hard.

File: penguingore.swf

Pauk - Weird Flash

I don't know how to work it but I watched it for so long I got hypnotized.

File: pauk.swf

1481317771 - Game Flash

Squares 2. This is addictive.

File: 1481317771.swf

1087950122 - Cool Flash


File: 1087950122.swf

1920213923 - Weird Flash

This gave me a seizure. I'm not kidding.

File: 1920213923.swf

Homer - Funny Flash

Homer Simpson sound board.

File: homer.xls

Kerrys Debate Briefing Book - Funny Flash

Top Secret! Senator Kerry's Debate Briefing Book.

File: Kerrys_Debate_Briefing_Book.pdf

Holodance2 - Funny Flash

Data's second emotion.

File: holodance2.swf
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