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Plumber - Game Flash

Plumber 2.

File: plumber.swf

Scourgewarv3 - Boobies Flash

Scourge War - This might be the dumbest thign I've ever seen. Except for the ending.

File: scourgewarv3.swf

Sayit - Weird Flash

Say it. Don't spray it.

File: sayit.swf

Tobby - Game Flash

It would be a lot funnier if it wasn't a hose.

File: tobby.swf

Flysui - Game Flash

Remember the Karate Kid?

File: flysui.swf

Roadblock - Game Flash

If you can get past level 12, you've got me beat.

File: roadblock.swf

Punk - Cool Flash

Now anyone can be a rock star. - zanorg.com

File: punk.swf

Owned - Funny Flash

I'm sure a lot of you would like to do this to someone you work with.

File: owned.swf

Psychic - Weird Flash

We can read your mind!

File: psychic.swf

Pogo - Game Flash

Est tres simple!

File: pogo.swf
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