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Shiggityshiggity - Funny Flash

Kick ass old-school flash!

File: ShiggityShiggity.swf

Drphil Soundboard - Soundboard Flash

Want to sound like a smug, pompous, bald egomaniac? Now you can with the Dr. Phil soundboard!

File: DrPhil_Soundboard.swf

Dearpenis - Funny Flash

I cannot relate to this flash animation, but somehow I think you will.

File: DearPenis.swf

Alienhominid - Game Flash

Pretty fun side-scroller - Alien Hominid, soon on the PS2!

File: AlienHominid.swf

Deadbabies - Gross Flash

I've been wondering what to do with all of these dead babies I've got laying around here!

File: Deadbabies.swf

Falafelking - Game Flash

You've always had a dream of running a Falafel shop -- Here's your chance!

File: FalafelKing.swf

Stevenhawkingssoundboard - Soundboard Flash

Sound like the smartest man on Earth!

File: StevenHawkingsSoundBoard.swf

Howtopreventpregnancy - Funny Flash

You learn something new everyday!

File: HowtopreventPregnancy.swf

Gotgout - Dumb Flash

Got Gout? Wish I had a shotgun to take care of the author of this.

File: GotGout.swf

Menstrualavenger - Dumb Flash

Since I had to watch this, SO DO YOU!

File: MenstrualAvenger.swf
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