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Youare - Funny Flash

They are 100% right.

File: youare.swf

05 Htf Havinaball - Funny Flash

Happy Tree Friends - cartoons to show your kids!

File: 05-htf_havinaball.swf

16 Htf Chip - Funny Flash

A couple of Happy Tree Friends, a lawnmower and some...well...you'll see!

File: 16-htf_chip.swf

Via - Weird Flash

I have no idea what this is, but the creator needs to be destroyed.

File: via.swf

Xxchgii - Game Flash

Cool stick-figure kung-fu sidescroller!

File: xxchgii.swf

Yatta Economy - Weird Flash

Thank Bob for the Japanese!

File: yatta_economy.swf

Windows Rg - Funny Flash

I have this version of Windows installed. It rocks!

File: windows_rg.swf

09 Htf Stayin - Funny Flash

The Happy Tree Friends show us that Disco is dangerous.

File: 09-htf_stayin.swf

04 Htf Antics - Funny Flash

The Happy Tree Friends show us that even the little guy wins one every once in a while.

File: 04-htf_antics.swf

02 Htf House - Funny Flash

Someone needs to teach the Happy Tree Friends how to stop, drop and ROLL!

File: 02-htf_house.swf
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