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Coolgame - Game Flash

You know that melting snowman in the Nestea Cool commercials? Now you can play a half-assed game based on him!

File: coolGame.swf

Chopperdodge - Game Flash

Fun helicopter sidescroller!

File: chopperdodge.swf

Blamblamblammmm - Dumb Flash

Someone somewhere might find this funny. Seriously.

File: blamblamblammmm.swf

Tobaggenjump2001 - Game Flash

A tobaggen jump game! Alot of fun, actually!

File: tobaggenjump2001.swf

Supergreg - Game Flash

Doom3 in flash? Well, not exactly.

File: supergreg.swf

Starshipseven - Game Flash

See if you can maneuver your spaceship through subterranian tunnels!

File: starshipSeven.swf

Shooterflyboogereater - Game Flash

Use your snot to kill flies!

File: shooterflyboogereater.swf

Seeifyoucanmakehisheadcomeoff - Game Flash

A virtual cat!

File: seeifyoucanmakehisheadcomeoff.swf

Saddamizer - Dumb Flash

Everything in this flash animation is true. And stupid!

File: saddamizer.swf

Onehanded - Funny Flash

This is why Shaggy is scarred for life. And why his music sucks ass.

File: oneHanded.swf
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