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03 Htf Helping - Funny Flash

A Happy Ending! Happy Tree Friends in Helping Hand

File: 03-htf_helping.swf

01 Htf Spin - Funny Flash

The Happy Tree Friends teach us that you must be careful what you ask for!

File: 01-htf_spin.swf

Whathtehell - Game Flash

You tell me. WHAT the hell is this!?

File: whathtehell.swf

21 Htf Boo - Funny Flash

Happy Tree Friends go to a haunted castle!

File: 21-htf_boo.swf

Millionaire 56k - Funny Flash

More flash goodness from the guys who brought you the Napster/Metalica cartoons! This time it's Millionaire

File: millionaire_56k.swf

Hatten - Dumb Flash

It's incredible what useless crap a person with enough time and Flash can make!

File: hatten.swf

Gaytest - Funny Flash

This is what makes the internet great!

File: gaytest.swf

11 Htf Mime - Gross Flash

Mimes! Everyone LOVES mimes, right? Here's a little cartoon to gather the family around from the Happy Tree Friends and a mime.

File: 11-htf_mime.swf

Fathertucker - Gross Flash

Nothing like a lil' church bashing fun!

File: fathertucker.swf

Dirtybaby - Gross Flash

Yet another reason to never have children!

File: dirtyBaby.swf
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