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Happytreefriends Housewarming - Funny Flash

You just can't go wrong with the Happy Tree Friends!

File: happyTreefriends_HouseWarming.swf

Goldengatedrop - Game Flash

Drop balloons on motorists, but watch out for the cops!

File: goldengateDrop.swf

Fuglyzgszbl - Game Flash

Finally! Cats are now useful!

File: fuglyzgszbl.swf

Smalltown - Funny Flash

I'm guessing that flash animation isn't big in a small town

File: SmallTown.swf

Vaderhater - Cool Flash

The now famous Star Wars Gangster rap!

File: VaderHater.swf

Xiaoxiao - Cool Flash

Kick ass stickperson flash!

File: xiaoxiao.swf

Oopsifarted - Dumb Flash

If you've ever wanted to touch yourself while watching Britney Spears expell gas, NOW'S YOUR CHANCE!

File: oopsIfarted.swf

Bambivcthulhu - Dumb Flash

Godzilla was better.

File: bambiVCthulhu.swf

Backstreet - Funny Flash

Well DUH!

File: backstreet.swf

Thesecretweapon - Dumb Flash

This is so stupid that I am BEGGING you to share in my agony, and watch it yourself.

File: TheSecretWeapon.swf
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