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Uuaah - Game Flash

remember 'Whack-a-Mole'?

File: uuaah.swf

Lapitch - Weird Flash

The only thing I can think of is, they're using this crappy animation to convey instructions to the terrorists.

File: lapitch.swf

Catdeathauto - Game Flash

Cat Death Auto!

File: CatDeathAuto.swf

Swinger - Cool Flash

Physics fun.

File: swinger.swf

Simonsays - Game Flash

But this does.

File: SimonSays.swf

Pullmyfinger - Funny Flash

Ahh. This never gets old.

File: PullMyFinger.swf

Filthysexquiz - Funny Flash

Take this filthy sex quiz.

File: FilthySexQuiz.swf

Duckhunt - Game Flash

Duck Hunt!

File: duckhunt.swf

Droplet4 - Weird Flash

Virtual rain.

File: droplet4.swf

Drink Simulator - Funny Flash

Practice getting back into your apartment with this drunk simulator.

File: drink_simulator.swf
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