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Haterbike - Funny Flash

This is true.

File: haterbike.swf

Samuelljacksonsoundboard - Soundboard Flash

Now you can pretend to be as Bad Ass as Mr. Jackson

File: SamuelLJacksonSoundboard.swf

Radar - Boobies Flash

X-Ray Vision - Probably a curse

File: radar.swf

Bombiraq - Funny Flash

If it wasn't true, it wouldn't be funny.

File: BombIraq.swf

Emailfemale - Funny Flash

Silly flash about online dating (read: cybering)

File: EmailFemale.swf

Keepyourrentsoff - Funny Flash

Every geek should watch this

File: keepyourrentsoff.swf

Pencakselat - Game Flash

Pretty entertaining karate-type game!

File: pencakSelat.swf

Cyborgheffersfromouterspace - Game Flash

It's my understanding that the Air Force is currently using this as a training tool for our new recruits headed to Iraq.

File: CyborgHeffersFromOuterSpace.swf

Moonlightsonata - Dumb Flash

Do you like classical music? How about fart jokes? Are you 9? This is right up your alley!

File: MoonlightSonata.swf

Wrath - Game Flash

Being god is just one big party! Kill EVERYTHING!

File: WRATH.swf
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