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Sekrit Message - Funny Audio

Today's top-secret message.

File: sekrit_message.wav

Potty Mouth - Gross Audio

If you're the kind of person who gets a kick out of toilet humor, this will keep you in stitches for.. well, for 4 solid minutes at least. Sicko.

File: potty_mouth.mp3

The Ghost That Feeds 256 - Funny Audio

Ray Parker Jr. - vs - Nine Inch Nails.

File: the_ghost_that_feeds-256.mp3

Diy - Funny Audio

More clever (meaning not funny) British humor.

File: DIY.mp3

Dearpenis - Funny Audio

Dear penis? This country music is a lot different than I thought.

File: dearpenis.mp3

Voltaire The Sexy Data Tango - Funny Audio

A little diddy about Data from Star Trek.

File: Voltaire-The_Sexy_Data_Tango.mp3

Survivor Afghanistan - Stupid Audio

You laugh, but the way they reported this, it may as well have been just another reality show.

File: Survivor_Afghanistan.mp3

Messing With My Man - Funny Audio

Another Berkely professor scares the crap out of a female student who was, "messing with her man".

File: messing_with_my_man.wav

To Catch A Thief - Funny Audio

Berkeley laptop thief is scared out of his wits by professor. At the end of his lecture, a Berkeley professor explains the consequences that will soon befall the thief who stole his laptop. I think this guy is in deep deep trouble.

File: To_Catch_a_Thief.mp3

Frenchcussing - Funny Audio

This will come in really handy nex time you're in France.

File: frenchcussing.mp3
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