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Cartoon Prank Calls - Stupid Audio

What's up, Doc?

File: Cartoon_Prank_Calls.mp3

Blue Balls - Stupid Audio

Blue balls. Do you people really like this stuff?

File: Blue_Balls.mp3

Animal Prank Calls - Stupid Audio

"Burger King, how may I help you?" "MOOOOOOO!"

File: Animal_Prank_Calls.mp3

Please Hold - Stupid Audio

Thank you for calling Shangri-La. Please hold.

File: Please_Hold.mp3

Godfarther Prank - Funny Audio

The Godfather calls a pizza parlor.

File: Godfarther_Prank.mp3

You Meat Head - Funny Audio

Archie Bunker makes a prank call and it's ALMOST as funny as the TV show. Read into that what you will.

File: You_Meat_Head.mp3

Rednecks - Funny Audio

If you've seen the movie 48-Hours, this is pretty good.

File: REDNECKS.mp3

Fat Boy - Funny Audio

This is my new theme song.

File: fat_Boy.mp3

Scottsmans Kilt - Funny Audio

Looking for a new drinking song? Look no further.

File: Scottsmans_Kilt.mp3

The Truth - Stupid Audio

This guy is drunk. You can tell by his accent.

File: The_Truth.mp3
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