Did you know?... Salmon can jump as high as 6 feet.
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Plumberprank - Funny Audio

What to know how to really upset a plumber?

File: plumberprank.mp3

Hooters - Funny Audio

Listen to Arnold Schwarzennegger call a Hooters.

File: hooters.mp3

Gbinterview - Funny Audio

I don't think alot of Europeans like our leader

File: gbinterview.mp3

Yugo - Funny Audio

In a Yugo, done to the tune of Elvis', In the Ghetto.

File: yugo.mp3

Thirdhand - Funny Audio

There's always something to worry about. Third-hand smoke?

File: thirdhand.mp3

Lee Press On Testicles - Funny Audio

Well if two is good, what will she think of three of them? What about NINE?!

File: lee_press_on_testicles.mp3

Iraq Dumber - Funny Audio

More poking fun at Dubya.

File: iraq-dumber.mp3

Asianschool - Funny Audio

Arnold Schwarzennegger calls an Asian school.

File: asianschool.mp3

Ebonics - Funny Audio

I'm so ashamed to be white. I can't even begin to tell you.

File: ebonics.mp3

Wake Up - Weird Audio

I set this as my new alarm in the morning and now I'm having trouble sleeping.

File: wake_up.wav
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