Did you know?... Betsy Ross was born with a fully formed set of teeth.
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Germancussingagain - Funny Audio

How to communicate better with your German friends.

File: germancussingagain.mp3

Chickitychina - Funny Audio

An oldie but a goodie. Chickity China the Chinese Chicken.

File: chickitychina.wav

Wallet - Funny Audio

These people are never going to think of their grandson the same way again.

File: wallet.mp3

Clinton - Funny Audio

Q: What do you call the years Clinton was in office? A: Sex between two Bushes.

File: Clinton.mp3

Domestic Abuse Hotline - Funny Audio

I don't know if she was buying it anyway with all the theme-music in the background.

File: Domestic_Abuse_Hotline.mp3

Valentines Day Dinner - Funny Audio

Better late than never. Listen to some idiot try to make a reservation for dinner at a 7-11.

File: Valentines_Day_Dinner.mp3

1 Alzheimer Answering Machine - Funny Audio

Alzheimer Answering Machine.

File: 1_Alzheimer_Answering_Machine.mp3

Low Fat Burger - Funny Audio

This had potential but just somehow missed the mark.

File: Low_Fat_Burger.mp3

The Sexy Data Tango - Weird Audio

Fully functional and anatomically correct, which is more than I can say for this guy.

File: The_Sexy_Data_Tango.mp3

Nailingangels - Funny Audio

Well, here's another parody song, this time Train's hit using...I dunno, Charlie's Angels or something. I still think they should've all been naked.

File: nailingAngels.mp3
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