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Kiss This - Funny Audio

Well, if you like Faith Hill and hate the IRS, you may enjoy this. But you will not be invited to my home.

File: Kiss_This.mp3

Imaginea Maxwellworld - Weird Audio

Someone please explain this to me. Seriously. Please?

File: ImagineA_MaxwellWorld.mp3

633 - Funny Audio

Some guy gets very upset that people are making fun of his.. uhh. Just listen.

File: 633.mp3

Cant Find My Room - Funny Audio

Steve Balmer on vacation.

File: Cant_find_my_room.mp3

Answer - Funny Audio

Funny answering machine message.

File: answer.wav

Assjet - Funny Audio

Photocopying your ass on a standard copying machine just doesn't cut it. Get the Assjet.

File: assjet.wav

Flightschedule - Funny Audio

This is actual audio of one of the 9-11 terrorists booking his flight. I can't believe no one suspected anything.

File: flightschedule.mp3

Answeringservice - Funny Audio

Answering service's answering service.

File: answeringservice.wav

Secretary - Weird Audio

Listen to our new secretary. You'd never guess she used to be a man.

File: secretary.wav

Wizard Of Oz - Weird Audio

I have absolutely no idea why someone would do this, but if you need a condensed version of The Wizard of Oz made by a crack smoking monkey, this is for you!

File: wizard-of-oz.wav
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