Did you know?... It takes five minutes to execute someone in a gas chamber.
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Religion And Politics - Interesting Audio

Religion and Politics. All without taking a breath.

File: Religion_and_Politics.mp3

Armageddon Letter - Funny Audio

Armageddon! This is old, but it's hysterical.

File: armageddon_letter.wav

Testing For Jeopardy - Funny Audio

Some guy calls trying to get on the game show, Jeopardy and gets abused instead.

File: Testing_For_Jeopardy.mp3

Enter Sandman - Funny Audio

The "lounge singer" version of Enter Sandman? You've got to be kidding.

File: Enter_Sandman.mp3

Stalker Message - Scary Audio

The only thing that would make this better would be the single gunshot you hear at the end.

File: stalker-message.mp3

The Simon Attack - Funny Audio

You know, the scary thing is, he was right about 90% of the time.

File: The_Simon_Attack.mp3

The Devil For Dinner - Scary Audio

Just making reservations for Christmas dinner. What's the problem?

File: The_Devil_For_Dinner.mp3

Shaggy Taxi - Funny Audio

These Shaggy prank phone calls crack me up. Here he calls a taxi company.

File: Shaggy_Taxi.mp3

Computer Prank - Stupid Audio

Hey, pick on somebody your own age, computer nerd.

File: Computer_Prank.mp3

A Few Good Man Prank - Funny Audio

Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men does a telephone prank.

File: a-few-good-man-prank.mp3
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