Did you know?... You can line up all 8 planets in our solar system directly next to each other and it would fit in the space between Earth and the Moon.
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Reason For Terrorists - Funny Audio

The real reason for terrorists.

File: reason-for-terrorists.mp3

Petnames For Genetalia - Funny Audio

Pet names for genetalia?

File: Petnames_For_Genetalia.mp3

Barney Bathroom - Gross Audio

This is called toilet humor. But since it involves Barney, it's perfectly ok for kids. Check back for later Barney Snuff Films.

File: Barney_Bathroom.mp3

100 Grand - Funny Audio

An oldie but a goodie. 100 Grand.

File: 100_Grand.mp3

Mr Hand - Funny Audio


File: mr_hand.wav

Rindercella Thedyslexicprincess - Funny Audio

The Dyslexic version of Cinderella.

File: Rindercella-TheDyslexicPrincess.mp3

Dirtyturban - Funny Audio

Some prankster calls an Arab business. Comedy ensues.

File: dirtyturban.mp3

Idiot - Stupid Audio

I have this set as my "new message" notification. Seems pretty appropriate most of the time.

File: idiot.wav

Chinesedelivery - Funny Audio

I got these crazy messages on my answering machine this morning. The thing is, I didn't even order Chinese food.

File: chinesedelivery.mp3

You Need An Army - Funny Audio

Joe Pesci prank calls some guy and asks simply, "What if I was to kick the ever loving shit out of you?" Comedy ensues.

File: You_Need_An_Army.mp3
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