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Murloc - Weird Audio

So relaxing. Just set it on repeat and let the soothing sounds of Murloc sing you to sleep. Uhh, yeah.

File: murloc.wav

Aznrap - Funny Audio

Hey! Do you want to hear the WORST RAPPERS ON EARTH?

File: AznRap.mp3

Toomuchsoda - Funny Audio

Here's a catchy little tune, complete with all sorts of bathroom-humor for your listening enjoyment.

File: toomuchsoda.mp3

Hard Drive - Funny Audio

An oldie but a goodie. Steven Thrasher's hard-drive.

File: hard_drive.wav

Mothers Day Special - Funny Audio

Mother's Day Special.

File: Mothers_Day_Special.mp3

Prison Bitch - Weird Audio

Love songs. Some times they're pretty disturbing.

File: prison_bitch.mp3

Bitch - Crazy Audio

True love, caught on tape. This will melt your heart and warm your cockles.

File: Bitch.mp3

Exg - Funny Audio

Where can I get one of these!?

File: exg.wav

Giveme - Funny Audio

To be fair, the tech-support operator on this one sounds like he's a real prick. Such a prick in fact, that the caller TOTALLY FLIPS OUT.

File: giveme.mp3

911 Gone Wrong - Funny Audio

From our LINKS section, 4-15-05. A distraught woman calls 911 to report two 12-year-old girls fighting. Dispatcher asks, "Do you want us to come over and shoot her?. Strangely, the woman is not amused.

File: 911_gone_wrong.mp3
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