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Mexican Style Sushi - Funny Audio

Oh no! Some guy found SAM on his computer, and now he's using it to make crank calls! This one relates to sushi. Mmm. Sushi.

File: Mexican_Style_Sushi.mp3

645 - Funny Audio

Mr. Methane! What ever happened to this guy? You never hear much about him anymore. Maybe he strained something and needs to take a break for a while.

File: 645.mp3

Wlknrndinwmnsndrwr - Funny Audio

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

File: wlknRndInWmnsNdrwr.mp3

9872937898723947293 - Weird Audio

What's with all the acid flashback junk people are sending in these days?

File: 9872937898723947293.mp3

Bimbo Number Five - Funny Audio

Pretty old, and pretty stup--err, I mean, funny song. Mambo No. 5 with a hit on Bill Clinton

File: Bimbo_number_five.wav

I Think So, Brain - Cool Audio

An audio collage of Pinky's sayings

File: I_Think_So,_Brain....mp3

Bryan - Funny Audio

Crank calls using the word boner are fun!

File: bryan.wav

Ebonics Mcdonalds - Funny Audio

Old Skool Ebonics McDonalds ad, pretty funny, pretty racist, pretty dumb. You'll love it!

File: Ebonics_McDonalds.mp3

Dr Seuss Books From The Hood - Funny Audio

Dr. Seuss's Books from Da Hood!

File: Dr_Seuss_Books_from_the_Hood.mp3

Bushsesamestreet - Funny Audio

Not too sure where this is from, but it's a pretty funny G.W. crank call to Sesame Street...I think...

File: BushSesameStreet.mp3
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