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Apple Tech Support 17 - Weird Audio

Sounds like a typical programmer, allright!

File: apple-tech-support-17.wav

The Next Big Song - Cool Audio

Prepare yourself! This is the first track from a band that promises to be the NEXT Beatles!

File: The_Next_Big_Song.mp3

Army Recruitment Commercial - Weird Audio

I think they might be target marketing. This is pretty disturbing.

File: army-recruitment-commercial.wav

1 Track - Cool Audio

Chapter one of Animal Farm!

File: 1_Track_.mp3

Rosana El Talisman - Cool Audio

This will get your lady in the mood for sure!

File: Rosana_El_Talisman.mp3

Waitingroom - Cool Audio

Everybody's movin, movin, movin!

File: WaitingRoom.mp3

Sex For Everybody - Funny Audio

Man, I feel GREAT tonight! How about sex for everybody?

File: sex-for-everybody.mp3

Deep River Quartet Dry Bones - Funny Audio

Time for a little religion, here on Fugly.

File: Deep_River_Quartet_Dry_Bones.mp3

Techsupport Throwout - Funny Audio

Software piracy or just an idiot?

File: techsupport_throwout.wav

Techsupport Noprint - Funny Audio

Someone FIRE Havly, ok?!

File: techsupport_noprint.wav
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