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Techsupport911017 - Funny Audio

I feel no pity. NONE!

File: techsupport911017.wav

Dear Penis - Funny Audio

A touching account of what will someday be your problem

File: Dear-penis.wav

Subgenius Commercial - Cool Audio

Praise Dobbs! The world may end tommorow, AND YOU COULD DIE! Find out more!

File: SubGenius_Commercial.mp3

Saban Saulic Kume Brate - WTF Audio

If this song doesn't make your woman as moist as a snack cake and ready to ruin another set of sheets she's a frigid bitch!

File: Saban-Saulic-Kume-Brate.mp3

Dominationpizza - Funny Audio

Hey, what gives? This pizza tastes like leather!

File: dominationPizza.mp3

Solosex - Funny Audio

Ordering one now!

File: Solosex.mp3

Tech Support 82 - Stupid Audio

This is a good time to acquaint yourself with what a moron sounds like, folks.

File: tech-support-82.wav

Techsupport911002 - Funny Audio

Aww, someone needs a hug!

File: techsupport911002.wav

Techsupport911003 - Funny Audio

Slayer as your hold music?

File: techsupport911003.wav

Bush On Tribal Sovereignty - Funny Audio

Our Commander and Chief.

File: Bush_on_Tribal_Sovereignty.mp3
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