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Techsupport911008 - Funny Audio

Typical tech support call at fugly

File: techsupport911008.wav

Techsupport911014 - Funny Audio

Stupid Luddite

File: techsupport911014.wav

Tech Support Call 5 - Funny Audio

This is an actual tech support message.

File: tech-support-call-5.wav

Techsupport911021 - Funny Audio

Ever hear of a backup, you freaking crybaby?

File: techsupport911021.wav

Apple Tech Support 3 - Funny Audio

People should know at least a LITTLE somethin-somethin when getting a computer. I mean, look at AOL.

File: apple-tech-support-3.wav

Techsupport911013 - Funny Audio

No intarweb for three days?! Hope he saved some porn on his hard drive!

File: techsupport911013.wav

Techsupport911022 - Funny Audio

This is an IBM ad that pretty much hits the nail on the head...at least here in my company!

File: techsupport911022.wav

Tech Support Devil Inside - Funny Audio

A tech support fall about Fugly. Personally I see satan in everything, ESPECIALLY my computer

File: tech-support-devil-inside.wav

It Wakes Me Up As Well - Funny Audio

The best part of waking up!

File: It_Wakes_me_Up_as_well.mp3

Secret Do Not Play - Cool Audio

Who doesn't like bunny rabbits, cheese and milk?

File: Secret_do_not_play.mp3
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