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Stonerhistorylesson - Funny Audio

Thsi explains a lot.

File: stonerhistorylesson.wav

911 A Joke - WTF Audio

Not what you want to hear.

File: 911-a-joke.wav

Smoke Up - Funny Audio

Smoke em if you got em.

File: smoke_up.mp3

Wincar - Funny Audio

And it's just that easy to win!

File: wincar.wav

Spokenwordbananaphone - Funny Audio

Spoken Word Bananna Phone.

File: SpokenWordBananaphone.mp3

Horserace - Funny Audio

Marriage, as announced at a horse race.

File: HorseRace.mp3

Brokawtaxwhat - Funny Audio

Tax whats? What did he just say?

File: BrokawTaxWhat.mp3

John Kerry Commercial - Interesting Audio

This is why he lost, folks.

File: John-Kerry-Commercial.mp3

Confhigh - Funny Audio

Audio from inside the Bush campaign headquarters.

File: confhigh.wav

Audio Books Learn Swear Words In Spanish - Funny Audio

Learn to swear. En Espanol!

File: Audio_Books-Learn_Swear_Words_In_Spanish.mp3
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