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Sunday - Cool Audio

Sunday Bloody Sunday.

File: sunday.mp3

Tijuana - Cool Audio

I want to move to Tijuana!

File: Tijuana.mp3

Bobbyfletcher02 - Funny Audio

Bobby Fletcher has a gas problem.

File: BobbyFletcher02.wav

Songoftheday2969698389 - Cool Audio

A Fugly "Song of the Day" remix.

File: songoftheday2969698389.mp3

Sweaty Nipples Touch My Cum - Funny Audio

To get the full effect, listen to this beautiful song with headphones on!

File: Sweaty_Nipples_Touch_My_Cum.mp3

Stevenlynchspecialolymp - Funny Audio

Making fun of special needs kids is FUN!

File: StevenLynchSpecialOlymp.mp3

The Eccdoors All Your Base - Funny Audio

The last song Jim Morrison recorded.

File: The_ECCdoors_All_Your_Base.mp3

Songoftheday - Cool Audio

I want an illegal smile

File: SongoftheDAY.mp3

The Eccjohndenver All Your Base - Funny Audio

A very little known John Denver tune.

File: The_ECCjohndenver_All_Your_Base.mp3

Tammy Dead - Weird Audio

Nietzsche would disagree.

File: tammy-dead.mp3
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