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Yodelling Lesson - WTF Audio

I hear that yodelling is making a HUGE comeback. Better start practicing.

File: yodelling-lesson.mp3

Veryimportant - Cool Audio

Name the movie for extra points!


Suicidehotline - WTF Audio

This happened to me

File: SuicideHotline.mp3

Techsupport911019 - Funny Audio

Typical end user.

File: techsupport911019.wav

Techsupport911018 - Funny Audio

Always right, right?

File: techsupport911018.wav

Techsupport911009 - Funny Audio

Lay off the dope, Cheech!

File: techsupport911009.wav

Techsupport911012 - Funny Audio

"Sure, let me connect you right now!" *CLICK*

File: techsupport911012.wav

Techsupport911010 - Funny Audio

Soundboard fun

File: techsupport911010.wav

Techsupport911011 - Funny Audio

Usually it's the other way around!

File: techsupport911011.wav

Techsupport911005 - Cool Audio

Anyone who's done tech support can relate to this!

File: techsupport911005.wav
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