Did you know?... Pinocchio is Italian for "pine eye"!
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Sonya - Funny Audio

The worst phone sex, ever.

File: sonya.mp3

Brittany Spears Boobie - Funny Audio

What's different? Isn't this how the song really goes?

File: brittany_spears_boobie.wav

Best Song Ever - Funny Audio

Dare to be stupid.

File: Best_Song_EVER.mp3

Nosexfuneralhome - Funny Audio

This is why I want to be creamated.

File: NoSexFuneralHome.mp3

Dialanasshole - Funny Audio

Have a shitty day.

File: dialAnAsshole.mp3

Reallyfinghot - Funny Audio

They should use this word more in advertising.

File: ReallyFINGHot.mp3

Subgenius Commercial - Funny Audio

Like they even need to advertise.

File: SubGenius_Commercial.mp3

Cowboydick - Funny Audio

An oldie but a goodie. Cowboy dick.

File: cowboydick.mp3

Cheerup - Funny Audio

This always seems to cheer me up.

File: cheerup.mp3

Cantoymcaaa - Funny Audio

There are a lot of gay people in China too.

File: cantoymcaaa.mp3
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