Did you know?... Vaccines contain formaldehyde, ethylene glycol (antifreeze), phenol (disinfectant / pesticide), and aluminum.
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Weather - Funny Audio

I believe about 10% of you will just love this song. The other 90% are lying about liking it.

File: Weather.mp3

Tobacco - WTF Audio

Smoking is COOL!

File: tobacco.mp3

Sounds Of The Day - Funny Audio

David Cross is your god. Bow to him now.

File: Sounds_of_the_Day.mp3

Mr - Funny Audio

Any cock'll do!

File: Mr.Show_Cock_Ring_Warehouse.mp3

Dr Seuss Ebonics - Funny Audio

Big Pimp Mack-Daddy books present "Books from the Hood"

File: Dr-Seuss-Ebonics.wav

The Eccnirvana All Your Base - Funny Audio

The Evolution Control Committee presents: Nirvana All Your Base!

File: The_ECCnirvana_All_Your_Base.mp3

The Notorious Msg Fob For Life - Funny Audio

MSG Rocks the house!

File: The_Notorious_MSG__FOB_for_Life.mp3

Wizard Of Pron - WTF Audio

I don't remember this from the movie at all.

File: Wizard-Of-Pron.wav

Tsunpapers - Funny Audio

I wish more people would do this to telemarketers.

File: tsunpapers.mp3

M - Funny Audio

An audio explanation of what a MILF is. In case you're retarded.

File: M.I.L.F.wav
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