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Tech Support Hard Drive - Funny Audio

Steven Thrasher goes ape-shit. Ever heard of a backup?

File: tech-support-hard-drive.wav

Techsupport911006 - Funny Audio

I'm pretty sure that you've voided the warrenty, sir.

File: techsupport911006.wav

Clinton Dna Song - Funny Audio

I miss the days when this was the worst our president was doing!

File: Clinton-DNA-song.wav

Radio Call Gone Wrong - Funny Audio

I smell a lawsuit

File: Radio-call-gone-wrong.mp3

Shooogahhh - Funny Audio

I used to love this cereal!

File: shooogahhh.mp3

Country Spank - WTF Audio

Somebody needs to step away from the sound editor.

File: Country-Spank.wav

Backward Masking Proof - Funny Audio

It's true! If you play records backwards, and you listen VERY closely, you can hear the devil's name!

File: backward-masking-proof.mp3

Real Men - Funny Audio

Please use this as an example of what NOT to do with audio editing software.

File: real-men.mp3

Byte For The Day - Weird Audio

You'll be saying it too, after listening to this clip. Either that, or trying to hunt me down and beat me to within an inch of my life.

File: byte_for_the_day.mp3

Tech Support Call 9 - Funny Audio

Those of us in the technical support field simply do not get paid enough, damnit.

File: tech-support-call-9.wav
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