Did you know?... A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4 foot tall child inside!
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Hail Satan - WTF Audio

Hey, want a couple days off of work? Just put this on repeat and go to lunch.

File: hail-satan.mp3

All Your Base Nirvana - Weird Audio

All your base are belong to Nirvana.

File: all-your-base-nirvana.mp3

Foxnewsprank - Funny Audio

These guys just can't get a break, can they?

File: foxnewsprank.mp3

Answer Kitty - Funny Audio

Funny answering machine message.

File: answer_kitty.mp3

Bush On Breakfornews Dot Com - Funny Audio

I suspect this is not a real interview.

File: bush-on-breakfornews-dot-com.mp3

Notmeantcubicles - Funny Audio

No truer words were ever spoken.

File: notmeantcubicles.wav

Weirdvoicemail - Funny Audio

Have you ever had someone call the wrong number and leave you a message?

File: WeirdVoicemail.mp3

Freedoms Finest Hour 2of2 - Interesting Audio

Remembering the Gipper. 2 of 2

File: Freedoms_Finest_Hour_2of2.mp3

Freedoms Finest Hour 1of2 - Interesting Audio

Remembering the Gipper. 1 of 2

File: Freedoms_Finest_Hour_1of2.mp3

Message - Funny Audio

The negative side of the invention of audio mixing software.

File: Message.wav
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