Did you know?... Dueling is legal in Paraguay, as long as both parties are registered blood donors.
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Specialed - Funny Audio

Here's something you can use to replace that annoying "You've got mail" sound. Yayyy.

File: specialed.mail.wav

Lubeass - Funny Audio

And yet, somehow he'll eventually become sick of her.

File: lubeass.mp3

Dinosaurs - Funny Audio

Dinosaurs in the Bible.

File: dinosaurs.mp3

Elvis - Funny Audio

A little tribute to The King.

File: Elvis.wav

Berserker - Funny Audio


File: berserker.mp3

Silence - Funny Audio

It does what it's fucking told.

File: silence.mp3

We Us - Funny Audio

Excellent dude!!!!

File: we-us.wav

Tb3258 - Funny Audio

Just ask Grace.

File: tb3258.wav

Tb3208 - Funny Audio

All the way with KLA.

File: tb3208.wav

Tb3207 - Funny Audio

I don't know about great.

File: tb3207.wav
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